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ad010-oh-no-not-the-gays-too-sampleFor those of you who have been following the PayPal Censorship Fiasco, you may already have heard that Visa has denied ever telling PayPal to prohibit sales of “certain erotica” as PayPal had originally stated. (More here on

This is quite interesting, because the onus is now on PayPal to come clean about what they’re trying to do.

Oh, by the way? PayPal is still dead-set on calling their actions a “business decision” rather than “corporate censorship”. But we all know that’s just talk. Despite of the fact that they “always welcome your feedback”, not a single comment that I know were submitted to that PayPal blog post by friends has actually been approved. They were all moderated out. Hmm…

In light of all of the things that has happened, and with the encouragements of a few writer friends, I’ve written a satire short called “Oh No! Not The Gays Too!?” (because we all they’ll just come after the gay stuff next ;))

In a not so distant future, a corporation called BuddyPay has taken over control of various governments around the world after a global economic collapse. BuddyPay controls everything, including what you are and are not allowed to think and do—even in the bedroom. Because of the ultraconservative stance of BuddyPay’s board of directors, non-normative sex-related activities between heterosexual couples have been outlawed.

Brandon and Thaddeus are gay lovers who are part of an underground resistance movement hoping to take back control of mankind’s freedom from BuddyPay. There is only one problem: BuddyPay is on to the Gays.

WARNING: This short story is a satirical look at the corporate censorship currently being disguised as so-called “business decision”. The work herein contains explicit and graphical depictions of sex between two adult human males way above the age of twenty who are not related in any way, shape or form (oh, and not virgins). This 3100+ word story is intended for mature audiences only.

The book is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords. It will be on other venues hopefully soon.