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98523982daafbb0cb0adcba035bc7d52994309dbI can’t believe it’s been this long since my last post! Life’s decided to throw me a curve ball and had me stumbling over my own feet to catch the damn thing, it seems. But, that’s enough about me. This post is not about me–it’s about another fantastic writer and one of my lovely peeps.

My friend and fellow m/m writer Brenda Cothern recently released a new erotica short “Coming Home”, and it’s free for download via Smashwords.

Brenda is the fabulous author of the “Shadows” paranormal erotica series, as well as the fantasy erotic romance “Fates”.

Her latest is a gay erotica short called “Coming Home”, a story about a man, whose return to his home town leaves him at a crossroad of his past and his future.

Chase Murphy returns to his backwater home in North Carolina after eight years in the Marine Corps only to be confronted¬†by his high school tormentor, Chad Wilson. Only Chad isn’t interested in tormenting Chase; he is interested in something else entirely. But will Chase be interested in the same thing?

I’ve been meaning to start reading Brenda’s “Shadows” books, but I just couldn’t find a good chunk of time to sit down and really immerse myself in her writing, so when she told me about her free short, I immediately went to Smashwords to check it out. As I was downloading the book, I began reading the first bit of it. Before I knew it, it was 3 AM, and I’d just finished reading the book. I couldn’t put it down! Highly recommended if you’re looking for a hot, sexy short story that also have a good cast of characters.

Don’t forget to check out her website here. You can also find Brenda at her Goodreads page.

And that’s it from me today! I’m working through my backlogs of commissions right now after a week of moving insanity, and hopefully I’ll have a new book for y’all this weekend. Stay tuned!

Happy Smutting,