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ad015-sexual-favors-for-uncle-ted-sampleHappy Easter everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. Need a pick me up after all that Easter-related family activity? Pick up a copy of “Sexual Favors For Uncle Ted”, the latest from Stepcest Quickies, part of my Gay Erotic Encounters series, available now on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. And for this week only, it’s only 99 cents on Amazon, so get yours today!

Sean knows he is in serious trouble when the cops raid the keg party his Greek house is hosting. To make matters worse? His stepuncle Ted is his arresting officer.

Hoping that his uncle would at least consider giving him a pass on the possession charges for the weed he had, Sean decides to bribe his uncle by trading “favors”. He’s always had sexual fantasies about Uncle Ted, so why not?

Sean thinks he’s got it all worked out. That is, until Uncle Ted’s cop buddies show up and want in on the fun…


My eyes trailed down his tight body, his uniform stretching tautly over each muscle, and letting my gaze focus on his crotch. He turned and I continued to watch, spellbound by the smooth arch of his strong, muscular back that ended at the firm, round globes of his ass.

He was still lecturing me but my mind decided tune out the words and just let his smooth baritone wash over me. I wanted to feel in my hands that bulge I’d seen hiding in his shorts when he took me to play basketball at the Y. I wanted to know what he tasted like, what he felt like.

“Sean! Are you even listening to me?” He barked, waking me from my trance. “This is serious! Do you know you have enough on you to be charged with possession with intent to distribute?”

I sat up and rose to my feet. My cock had gotten harder and wetter with the thought of tasting Uncle Ted.

I wondered if he’d let it go if I made it really good for him?

“What are you doing, Sean?” Ted asked curiously when I stepping up to him, close enough for our bodies to barely touch.

“Couldn’t you reconsider, Uncle Ted? I know I screwed up, and I promise I won’t do it again,” I said with my best puppy dog expression, running the tip of a finger from his chest lightly, over his arm and down to his belt. “I’ll even make it up to you.”

I let my fingers dig under his pants, massaging at his hard, washboard abs. He gripped my wrists when I wanted to dig deeper. I looked at him, locking his gaze, letting him see the willingness and lust in my eyes. I licked my lips, “I promise I’ll make it really good.”

“Oh, really?” he asked, his voice dipping down an octave. “How good?”

“Really, really good.” I sank slowly to my knees and began working his belt buckle open. “You’re just gonna have to see.”

“Sexual Favors For Uncle Ted”, now available:

Happy Smutting!

- Addy