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ad017-sexing-the-best-man-sampleTGIF everyone! Looking for something sexy to read this weekend? Don’t miss my new book “Sexing The Best Man”! It’s now available on Amazon, B&N (soon) and Smashwords.

After a chance meeting at a roadside diner and a sexual encounter that he will never forget, Joel asks his sexy stranger Lee to go to his brother’s wedding with him. What Joel hasn’t expected, is Lee actually showing up.

Lee can’t take Joel off his mind after their little midday party for two. He doesn’t know if Joel was joking when Joel invited him to tag along, but he isn’t about to let Joel be just another missed opportunity in his life.

“Sexing The Best Man” is the sequel to “Truck Stop Wet Dream”.


“What are you doing?” Joel asked curiously, his lips pulled into an amused smirk as I pressed him to the wall of a small alcove in the banquet hall. I had hijacked him before he could make his way up the stairs again, after being sent downstairs to talk to the caterers. I buried my nose into the crook of his neck, breathing deep to take in his scent as I nibbled the sensitive skin there. I could feel the light tremors run through his body as I licked at the hot spot I found last night. The mixture of his clean scent with the jasmine and cedar in his cologne was a heady combination that I just couldn’t get enough of. I let my hips grind against his slowly, feeling the bulges in our pants grow. Joel sighed softly against my collar.

“Oh… Just doing my job of keeping you occupied and your mind off the wedding. Gotta earn my meal ticket, right?” I said, grinning at him. He laughed as I pulled him away from the wall and down the hall into the men’s room.

It’d only been a few hours since he kissed me goodbye in bed to help prepare the day’s events, but I was missing his presence—and his body—already. Last night had been one of the most intense nights I’d ever had, with the two of us fucking each other’s brains out after we got back from the bachelor party. We probably woke a few guests with all of our shouting and screaming, and yet, it just wasn’t enough. Not for me anyways. It was crazy to want this much of someone that I’d only met a few short days ago.

Though, none of that mattered right now as my hands busied themselves taking off Joel’s perfectly fitted tux in the clean, sparkling white, almost virginal, bathroom.

“Jockstrap?” I arched an eyebrow as I pulled his pants down to reveal the bright blue jockstrap. Joel’s half-hard cock filled out the stretchy material nicely.

“Why not?” He grinned at me. “Easy access.”

I grinned, pulling the pouch aside and taking his cock out without bothering with the teasing or the foreplay. I wanted him and I wanted him now. The long, cut shaft made my mouth water. Gripping Joel’s hips tight enough to bruise and pressing his body firmly against the wall, I wrapped my lips around his cock. I moaned happily as he lengthened and expanded in my mouth. I sucked gently at the tip of his hardness, savoring the bitter brine oozing from the tip. I spent a few good minutes working his plump head before I sank my head down, letting it slip into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.

“Sexing The Best Man” now available:

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