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Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend! Monday came *way* too soon, if you ask me.

Here’s something that might cure your Monday blues: Taboo Encounters, available on Amazon, B&N, iBookstore, Kobo and Smashwords.

Taboo Encounters is a collection of  FIVE Stepcest Quickies stories from the Gay Erotic Encounters series in one book for a low low price of 4.99.

In these pages you’ll find five stories featuring daddies, twins, a gay nympho, a sexy cop and his cop buddies who find themselves on the path of their steamy sexual adventures.

My Brother’s Nympho Boyfriend: When Josh’s stepbrother Brent asked him to help with a photo shoot, Josh never thought he’d end up having sex with his brother’s hypersexed boyfriend Justin right there in his studio. And he never thought things could get even more out of control when Brent catches them in the act…

My Dad’s Forbidden Lover: Danny’s Spring Break is cut short by a promise to visit his dad and stepbrother at home before he goes back to school. But when he arrives home earlier than expected, he discovers his dad’s secret that he’s never supposed to know about.

Dance For Dad: When Dylan walked into the club he works at that night, he never imagined that his former-stepfather Jonathan would be there in the audience. What happens when he finally works up the nerve to cross the line he knows he shouldn’t be crossing and seduces Jonathan?

Sexual Favors For Uncle Ted: Sean knows he is in serious trouble when the cops raid the keg party his Greek house is hosting. To make matters worse? His stepuncle Ted is his arresting officer. Sean decides to bribe his uncle by trading “favors”, until Uncle Ted’s cop buddies show up and want in on the fun…

Hot Tubbing With The Twins: Ryan has always had the hots for his sexy twin uncles, and being in close quarters with the objects of his fantasies is testing his self-control.Snowbound and lusting, Ryan finds himself taking on Evan’s invitation to join him in the hot tub, only to realize that he isn’t the only one who is looking for some “rub-a-dub” fun. This 22,000 word collection contains explicit and graphical depictions of hot man on man action (threesomes, voyeurism, jail cell gangbang, rimmings, blowjobs and bareback sex), and is intended for mature audiences only.

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